The best part of GreenTurf Sports Club is that it has many high class restaurants inside the club. Best foods are available in our restaurants at all times. Branded and highly rated hotels are located to offer tasty and hygienic food to our customers in our club. The cost of the food is very reasonable. They offer tasty and nutritional food. Our sports authorities have instructed them to follow certain rules and guidelines.


You will enjoy tasty breakfast like idly, varieties of dosa, vada, pongal, rice baths with variety of chutney and sambar.


North Indian, South Indian, Chinese Food is available for lunch. You can avail chapathi, roti, ghee rice, bhaji, manchurian and number of curries. People can also enjoy non vegetarian food.


Snacks like French fries, sandwich, icecream, masala puri, bhel puri, samosa, kachori and many others are available all the times.


You can enjoy fresh fruit juices, cool drinks, sodas while you feel like relaxing in the mid of the games. Tea and coffee is also available.


People can have light dinner like chapathi, rice, rasam and food of their choice.

Children will have absolute fun. They can choose any items of their choice which is available in our restaurants.

You can view the outside beauty of the club while enjoying the food. There are restaurants for you find place. Each restaurant is well maintained and you will experience good feeling.

Special officers are hired to check for the cleanliness of the restaurants and its surrounding.